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We are the UK’s most popular public charging solution

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Building Great Partnerships

Our deep understanding of the charging needs and ambitions of the public sector has enabled us to work closely with over 50 UK local authorities to deliver more than 600 projects - on time and on budget.

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Unrivalled Products. Made in the UK

We make the future of electric motoring possible with a range of products developed and manufactured in the UK, carefully designed to match your needs. Our precision engineering achieves over 99% reliability on all new installations. It means our units are built to last, corrosion free and resistant to high impacts.

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Exemplary Service

Our aim is to make EV driving a pleasurable experience for all, by working with you to provide the biggest and most reliable public charging network. We're achieving this with end-to-end support, expert advice, a comprehensive three year warranty as standard on all our products; and offering complete maintenance and service package options.

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Trusted by the Public Sector

Milton Keynes Rapid Chargers

In summer 2014, Chargemaster won a tender to supply and install 50 tri-standard rapid chargers in Milton Keynes, as part of an OLEV financed project worth £1.9m. Working closely with Milton Keynes Council, we located the best sites, negotiated the electrical connection with the local DNO and installed the units with their own in-house civil engineering team. All 50 units were commissioned on time and on budget making this one of the largest collections of rapid chargers in Europe.

London Fire Brigade

Providing charging points for London Fire Brigade's support vehicles, Chargemaster won a competitive tender to install 80 fast chargers in 55 fire stations across London. The project was valued at £740,000. The work entailed close liaison with London Fire Brigade in respect of detailed method statements and control of working processes especially due to the safety sensitivity of the sites. All installations were completed on time and on budget by April 2015.

Worcester County Council

Making those longer journeys easier across Worcestershire, Chargemaster won a competitive tender to supply 12 rapid chargers on behalf of Worcester County Council and to part fund their installation. The project included the identification of the most appropriate sites and completion of surveys. We also worked with the local DNO to ensure adequate power was available at each site. The full project was completed on time and on budget.

Our Charging Range

Fastcharge Floor Standing

These sleek and stylish free-standing charging posts give you the flexibility to position them exactly where they're needed.
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Fastcharge Wall Mounted

Compact and unobtrusive charging units that are easy and cost-effective to install - perfect when there's suitable wall space available.
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The next generation of charging. Perfect when speed is paramount, rapidly charging EVs to extend their range and so continue their journey.
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