For Workplace

For Workplace

We provide the perfect charging solutions for all your workplace needs.



For your employees

By 2022 we expect there to be over 1 million EV drivers in the UK. Whether you are helping your employees make the switch into plug-in electric vehicles, or you’d like to reward those that have private electric vehicles, charging points at work are a great addition.

For visitors

Help your visitors join the ever-increasing band of electric drivers, whilst also demonstrating your commitment to the environment. Our bespoke range of market-leading premium workplace charging solutions makes this easy and rewarding.

For Developers

Increasingly planning authorities are requiring developers to include charging points for a percentage of parking spaces in new Retail, Residential and Commercial Developments. Our team can advise you on how to tackle this and find the most suitable charging solution.

Chargevision, our back end solution

All our communicating workplace and commercial units automatically connect to the ChargeVision data management system, enabling users and site owners to see live analytics and historical reports on usage. Reports can be downloaded for accounting purposes and management information systems.

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